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Five Tips For Holistic Skincare

Special thanks to Maui fine artist Avi Kiriaty for sharing his work "Faces". Find out more about his work HERE.

1. Your skin is not a problem to be solved

Your skin is the largest, sensing organ in your body. It is how you interface with the outside world. It has extraordinary regenerative power. Skincare convention views skin as a problem that can be solved by buying more. But what if your skin was a living system that needs to be cared for very differently?

2. Skin barrier is the key to beautiful skin

The skin barrier is the outer layer of skin that protects you from infection, toxins, UV light, and pollution. It also regulates water loss from the inside out. When the skin barrier is damaged, it can not perform as nature intended. The truth is that skincare products can cause skin barrier damage instead of supporting skin's natural functions.

3. Water and feed your skin like a garden

Your skin is alive. An integral part of the skin barrier is the skin microbiome. Science is discovering that the diverse microbiomes in our bodies help keep us healthy. Skin is no exception. It helps to think of caring for your skin as caring for a garden. Depending on the weather you water - depending on the soil condition, you add nutrients.

4. Learn to understand your skin

Like a garden, the basic needs of skin are very simple. Skin needs hydration to regenerate and oils to reinforce the protective lipid structure of the skin barrier.  Skin naturally balances itself when it isn't damaged by harsh products and given what it needs to thrive. Once you see skin in this light you can better understand how to care for your skin.

5. Less is more skincare tips:

  • Avoid over-cleansing. Try cleaning skin gently but completely once a day, at night.

  • For parched skin use water-based humectants over damp skin to help pull water into the skin.

  • Seal moisture by applying an oil-based serum over hydrated skin - either damp or after humectants.

  • After cleansing at night, leave your skin alone so it can regain balance while you sleep.

  • Smile!