Organic Skincare Born in Hawai'i

Exceptional botanic skincare artisanally handcrafted on Maui using natural ingredients: island rainwater, pure wildcrafted oils, anti-aging organic essential oils, Hawaiian algae extract and protective cosmetic grade minerals meld to create unique products for face, body or hair.

Our clean ingredients capture powerful plant spirits from Earth's energy centers in Hawai'i and the Amazon to offer effective support and nourishment for every body and soul. This is more than skincare; this is the Mana of Maui captured in a bottle.

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'Alohi Maui

products are sustainably produced and packaged. 'Alohi Golden Oil and 'Alohi Water is sold in beautiful reusable, refillable glass bottles. 'Alohi Water is perfectly protected in an ultra-violet glass bottle and  'Alohi Golden Oil shines in a heavy Italian glass that is a pleasure to hold. We have kits to clean and refill your bottles. The refills are packaged in glass and are 100% recyclable. If you prefer to use the refill bottle, we have pump or dropper closures for them that can be used over and over again. Please help keep plastic out of the ocean -  REUSE, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE

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Powerful Plant Spirits

Active Botanics in Every Bottle

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